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WHM Human Resources And Leadership Training Academy

WHM HR and Training Academy was established in 2018 and provide theoretical and practical training in Human Resources, Industrial Relationships, Sales & Merchandising and General Management.  We endeavour to increase our diploma and short course offering on a continuous basis to ensure we keep up with the changing labour market needs.

Situated in the Moot area, close to the Union Buildings and Hatfield ensures easy access from the Gautrain and other transportation routes for students.

Our aim are to give our students a robust theoretical and practical experience that will ensure relevance in all sectors we train in.


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Management Approach

  1. Fairness
  2. Disciplinary Decision
  3. The Investigation
  4. Evidence
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Discipline vs Dismissal

  1. Disciplinary Action
  2. Types of Disciplinary Action
  3. Burden of Proof
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Disciplinary Documentation

  1. Written Warning Form
  2. Counselling Document
  3. Drafting Charges
  4. Notification to Attend a Disciplinary Hearing
  5. Suspension Letter
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Chairing an Enquiry

  1. Disciplinary Enquiry Checklist
  2. Practical: Disciplinary Enquiry
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Hennie van Graan

Hennie Van Graan has been in training for 21 years. He was a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg and also the department head at Capital Hotel School. Hennie has a passion for developing the youth of South-Africa and his experience is second to none.

Yoraine Kruger

Yoraine Kruger is a graduate from the North-West University holding a BA degree in Psychology & Labour Relations. She has valuable experience in the IR and related industry and always strives to grow her knowledge in all areas of labour relations and human resources. Yoraine enjoys reading and is mother of three girls who always keeps her on her toes.

Sonali Balkaran

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