Vision Statement

We will be the preferred South African provider of practical and theoretical HR, IR, Labour and Entrepreneurship short course.

To enhance the applied practical skills of young Labour Relations and Human Resources Practioners.

Mission Statement

WHM HR Academy will achieve its Vision by:

  • Providing learners with SABPP and SETA accredited training by industry professionals
  • Contracting the best facilitators from the industry to ensure most relevant academic and practical performance experience
  • Establishing a learning environment that will enhance group participation and personal growth
  • Providing the well rounded and competent staff, leaders and entrepreneurs ready for the demanding work place.

Our Promise

WHM HR Training Academy will offer learner programmes in close collaboration with the SABPP where we will be accredited as a training provider to present 2 full qualifications as well as several short courses including labour relations and leadership, based on these qualifications.

The Academy will only use registered SABPP assessors and moderators to ensure that the quality requirements of the prescribed curriculum are met. We will only accept a limited number of students each year to ensure that learners receive the personal attention they deserve.

Market Segment

The market segment that we will focus on will be short courses for example “Gather evidence and chair a disciplinary enquiry” There is a ready market available in the current client pool of the company. As a national training provider, our client and student will be able, firstly to get formal credits and our clients can claim this back on their WSP that we will help them with declaring the training on their ATR in order to claim back from the Skills Development Levy.

Secondly, with the formal courses we will be one of only a few institutions able to guarantee practical training. This training will take place under close supervision and according to rosters to compliment the theoretical training. We are aiming at dynamic and committed young people between the ages of 18 and 28 who aspire to a career in the HR industry. Computer skills, including a basic working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets, as well as verbal and written proficiency in English are pre-requisites for entering our programmes

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