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WHM HR Training Academy will offer learner programs in close collaboration with the SABPP where we will be accredited as a training provider to present 2 full qualifications as well as several short courses including labour relations and leadership, based on these qualifications.

The Academy will only use registered SABPP assessors and moderators to ensure that the quality requirements of the prescribed curriculum are met. We will only accept a limited number of students each year to ensure that learners receive the personal attention they deserve.



If you are a manager or owner of a business with employees under your leadership, there may come a time when you must issue a written warning. A written warning is an official notice that an employee has breached company policy. Although it is unpleasant, issuing a written warning can help maintain order within the company and give the employee a chance to correct their actions. Warnings must be clear, concise, and must leave no doubt in the mind of the employee what the stance of management is, and no doubt regarding the consequences of failure to rectify the situation.

Ensure the correctness of your disciplinary management process and avoid unnecessary CCMA cases or protracted disciplinary enquiries and send the critical persons, namely your supervisors and managers on the following course.

Management Approach

  1. Fairness
  2. Disciplinary Decision
  3. The Investigation
  4. Evidence

Discipline vs Dismissal

  1. Disciplinary Action
  2. Types of Disciplinary Action
  3. Burden of Proof

Disciplinary Documentation

  1. Written Warning Form
  2. Counselling Document
  3. Drafting Charges
  4. Notification to Attend a Disciplinary Hearing
  5. Suspension Letter

Chairing an Enquiry

  1. Disciplinary Enquiry Checklist
  2. Practical: Disciplinary Enquiry

This course can be presented at your premises or at our training centre at 259, 15th avenue, Rietfontein, Pretoria.

It will be a total of 9 hours. This can be done either two evenings or one Saturday.

The cost is R2700 per person. (this price includes a manual as well as an attendance certificate)

Please note there should be a minimum of 6 paid students per course.

Phone Hennie van Graan at 0848330817 or e-mail at for enrolment and further information.



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