Hennie van Graan

Hennie Van Graan has been in training for 21 years. He was a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg and also the department head at Capital Hotel School. Hennie has a passion for developing the youth of South-Africa and has over 20 years experience in training.


Johan Bekker


Johan worked at the SA Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for 12 years and was Deputy Director: Foreign Service Administration. He ended his career at DFA in 1997 as Head: Administrative and Management Training at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). Since 1998 he worked as an independent Business Improvement consultant and was part-time lecturer in Business subjects at various Higher educational Institutions like Boston Media House, Oakfields College and the Capital Hotel School.

Verushka Malouw

SNR Administrator

Verushka Malouw is WHM HR Academy’s Administrator, she is currently studying The National Diploma in Human Resource Management & Practices. Verushka Malouw is a very confident and determined employee, Who is always passionate about helping others.