National Diplomas

Labour Relations Practice: Dispute Resolution (SAQA ID: 93994, NQF 5, 242 Credits)

Human Resource Management and Practices (SAQA ID: 61592, NQF 5, 252 Credits)

National Certificates

Occupational Certificate: Safety, Health and Quality Practitioner (QCTO Code: 99714, NQF 5, 256 Credits)

Retail Marketing Certificate (SAQA ID: 21053, NQF 5, 120 Credits)

Short Courses

Labour Relations: Professional Communications in the workplace

Labour Relations: Understanding the legal framework in South Africa

Labour Relations: CCMA and Case Preparation

Labour Relations: Mediation in Action

Labour Relations: OHS Simple yet Effective

Labour Relations: Principles of Dispute Management in Labour Relations

Labour Relations: Effective Disciplinary Hearing Preparation

Human Resources: Design & Management of HR Information Systems

Human Resources: Recruitment Simple yet Effective

Human Resources: Team Dynamics

Human Resources: How to prepare WSP / ATR

Human Resources: Visionary Leadership

Human Resources: Improved Workplace Productivity

Retail Marketing: Communication in the Workplace

Retail Marketing: Marketing Management – Customer Experience

Retail Marketing: The Art of Selling

Retail Marketing: Economics & Financial Account Management


Disciplinary Management Workshop

Practical Management Workshop

Liquor Sales Workshop

POPIA Act Workshop

Full-Time Enrollment Distance Learning
3 Classes per week 1 workshop per month
Assistance with portfolio of evidence Assistance with a portfolio of evidence
Enrollment can be either in January or June Enroll at any time during the year
Guaranteed Practical Experience Guaranteed Practical Experience

WHM HR Academy’s goal is to equip candidates with the necessary skills to navigate and master this everchanging field. In line with this objective, we have developed two diplomas, Human Resources Management and Practices and Labour Relations Practice: Dispute Resolution (Legislation and HR Support).

We understand the relevancy of practical experience in these two dynamic fields, which is why our guarantee is a portfolio  of evidence relating to work experience.

Both diploma’s are available as distance learning or full time enrolment.


“I never lose. I either win or learn.” Nelson Mandela.

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